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Fennig Equipment

Kelly Tillage Systems


In 1875, the Kelly family began their farming journey in the heart of the Flinders Ranges and has been a big part of their lives since. Peter Kelly, the founder of Kelly Engineering, began making farming machinery which he subsequentially turned into a business in 1987 together with his son, Shane Kelly. For six generations the Kelly’s have brought together their farming skills and knowledge to create the Kelly Tillage System. Designed in Australia and manufactured in the United States, the unique Kelly Tillage System features strength and reliability, and is a tool that is developed by farmers, for farmers.



Midwest Bio-Tech


For nearly 40 years, Midwest Bio-Tech has provided a biological boost to the bottom line in farming. We market the full line of Chandler products that enhance biological activity in animals, plants, and soils. Our products include seed treatments to improve germination and early root growth, Chandler Soil to increase nutrient availability and soil health, and Biocat 1000 to recycle nutrients and build organic matter from crop residue. We also offer soil health testing services through our new soil health laboratory at Erie, Illinois.



IKB Seed Solutions


KB Seed Solutions does more than provide you with seed. We will bring leadership and knowledge to help integrate annual ryegrass into your operation to make you more successful and profitable.  With superior genetics and an amazingly aggressive brassica taproot, NitroRadish™ drills through compaction like it’s not even there. Radish germinates and grows quickly, has a large, deep penetrating tap root, dies over the winter (in cold climates), decomposes quickly, has high nutrient content, and contains bio-active plant chemicals. It has the ability to recycle nutrients which will improve your soil quality and economic crop production.





When Montag decided to enter the Cover Crop market we knew we had the core product to meet growers’ needs. With thousands of acres behind the Generation 2 delivery system we had just the platform to build off of and with a partnership with Hagie Manufacturing we started from the ground up and designed a machine to fit the STS10 and STS12 platform. We started with a new 12 row base and twin bin design, industry leading capacity, 100’ and 120’ Hybrid boom and 90’ boom, integrated scales, ISOBUS rate control, and row to row accuracy unmatched in the industry.

Since the Fortifier release in 2018, Montag has continued to bring more innovative solutions to the cover crop market with the release of the 2208 in 2019 and the 2108 in the fall of 2020, as well as an allied partnership with John Deere on the 2660VT. These developments highlight Montag’s deep commitment to sustainable agriculture through the adoption of cover crops and nutrient placement.


Underground Ag

Underground Agriculture


Underground Agriculture manufactures tools for regenerative agriculture, focusing on soil health, cover crops and weed control. Our ever broadening effort is to supply farmers with tools that increase their revenue while mitigating agriculture's environmental impact. We work to encourage both economical & ecological equilibrium, to ensure fertile land for our future generations, without jeopardizing income.


Yetter Mfg.

Yetter Mfg.


For 90 years, Yetter Farm Equipment has been focused on delivering solutions to our customer’s needs with high-quality products. The Yetter product lineup includes planter attachments, closing wheels, fertilizer attachments, harvest equipment, and more. With three manufacturing locations and experienced sales, engineering, and production teams, we are well-positioned to deliver real, practical solutions for the many different farming conditions and crops. A world-class performance guarantee combined with our dedication to creating innovative products that deliver dependable return on investment to customers make Yetter an industry leader.

walnutInnovative, Effective Cover Crop Management Solutions


Bonus Materials and Special Offers:

Cover Crop Strategies

Cover Crop Strategies


Cover Crop Strategies offers a suite of free educational resources providing crucial expertise to growers on how to boost crop yields and increase profits through application of cover crops in their farming operation.


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