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National Cover Crop Summit March 20-21, 2019

Join us this March for a 100% FREE-TO-ATTEND, 2-day cover crop virtual event featuring knowledge-building sessions taught by the foremost authorities on covers today.

From the comfort of your farm office, discover dozens of ideas to harness the full potential of a cover-crop system to protect your soil and increase your farm's profits.

Even from your mobile device catch a session from wherever you have data access. Here’s a sampling of some of the titles we are preparing for you:

  • Cover Crops 101: Adopting the Right Mindset for Successful Adoption
  • Best Practices for Using Roller-Crimpers for Terminating Covers
  • Managing Cover Crops in Semi-Arid Climates to Manage Risk and Still Capture the Benefits
  • Strategies for Improving the Outcomes for Aerial Seeding
  • Doubling Your Cover Crop Payoff with Effective Grazing Methods
  • Measuring the ROI with Cover Crops

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