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Fennig Equipment

Kelly Tillage Systems


Hardship breeds innovation – especially in agriculture. The Kelly family have farmed the harsh red soils of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges since 1875, relying on innovative ideas to get the best from the land.

Generations of agricultural innovation culminated in the KELLY Disc Chain; a unique shallow tillage implement designed to manage crop stubble. This product of necessity grew into a farming business with strong values. KELLY believes in servicing its customers well, caring for its staff and ensuring that its products contribute to sustainable agriculture, both economically and environmentally.

Today, farmers on every continent use KELLY equipment to manage residue, control weeds, and prepare an ideal seedbed for planting. With an earned reputation for quality, durability and efficiency, the minimal operating costs of running a KELLY Tillage System make it the first tool of choice for forward-thinking farmers around the world.



Salford Bio


Salford has been a leader in producing innovative agricultural equipment since 1978. Salford offers a range of solutions designed to provide growers with a performance advantage, from conservation and conventional tillage to precision variable-rate and simple straight-rate applications, as well as cover crop seeding and pasture aeration. Salford’s durable, high-quality, farm equipment is easy to operate, works fast, and gives growers an agronomic advantage. With a network of over 1,000 dealers, and five factories located across North America, Salford is one of the most accessible and trusted names in agriculture.





Montag Manufacturing’s new Cover Crop+™ is the first metering system dedicated exclusively to cover crop seed. It has been designed and engineered to accurately meter even the smallest seeds, including tiny cover cress seeds. For field application, it is readily adaptable to a variety of field equipment including tillage implements, combines and Hagie self-propelled sprayers and detasselers. With the combine installation, seed is put down behind the grain head and covered with crop residue spread from the rear of the machine to promote germination. It was born from development of the CoverCress Biofuel project and the necessity to precisely meter very small seeds. Cover Crop+ comes standard with 2 sets of distribution augers, with one being a small seed auger kit. J.assy grain blockage sensors monitor seed flow.



Bio-Till Cover Crops


Bio Till Cover Crops, a pioneer and leader in cover crop seeds, represents a complete lineup of seeds suitable for use in diverse soil types and growing conditions. Our focus on cover crop and regenerative forage seeds sets us apart from suppliers invested in other markets. Dealers in our distribution network are committed to your success by providing local resources, education and guidance to ensure you have the correct foundation for success. With over 50 years of experience in production, processing, packaging, and shipping, you won’t find a better fit for your farm.





Remlinger designs and manufactures farm tillage and land management equipment, with over 60 years of experience. The company’s early years were primarily dedicated to manufacturing spike tooth harrows for field cultivators and disks. As the farming industry evolves, Remlinger Manufacturing continues to meet the needs for new attachments serving farmers all across the United States, as well as around the globe. Remlinger offers the 3500 Rolling Finisher, 9400 Cultivator, Strip Till, 2300 No-Till Drill, Power Ditcher, Bale Slicer, Rock Picker, Screening Buckets, Ninja Crimper, and Harrows.