Thank you to our title sponsors for their support of the Spring 2022 National Cover Crop Summit.


Fennig Equipment

Kelly Tillage Systems


In 1875, the Kelly family began their farming journey in the heart of the Flinders Ranges, and agriculture has been a big part of their lives since. Peter Kelly founded Kelly Tillage in 1987, designing innovative farm machinery that was soon in high demand. Still a family business, Kelly Tillage now designs and manufactures ultra-shallow tillage equipment. Manufactured in Australia, Germany and the USA, our Disc Chain technology is now used around the world to control weeds, manage residue and prepare the soil for planting. By creating machinery that is effective, efficient and durable, we help farmers get a better seedbed for a better bottom line.



Midwest Bio-Tech


For nearly 40 years, Midwest Bio-Tech has provided a biological boost to the bottom line in farming. We market the full line of Chandler products that enhance biological activity in animals, plants, and soils. Our products include seed treatments to improve germination and early root growth, Chandler Soil to increase nutrient availability and soil health, and Biocat 1000 to recycle nutrients and build organic matter from crop residue. We also offer soil health testing services through our new soil health laboratory at Erie, Illinois.


Helm Agro



In a world of agrochemical giants, HELM Agro is proud to be a family-owned, entrepreneurial company giving growers more value, choice and expertise in crop input solutions. We believe in keeping business simple, so growers and retailers can independently select the best choices for them, no strings attached. We’ve delivered growers with more choice and industry competition by growing our herbicide portfolio 10x since 2012. Reviton, a novel PPO burndown herbicide, is the newest addition to our IP product lineup. It’s powerful performance and ability to control tough broadleaf and grass weeds make it an obvious choice for your burndown program.





Montag entered cover crop market with a proven GEN II platform that features industry-leading precision accuracy for metering fertilizer, nutrients and seed.  A partnership with Hagie Manufacturing resulted in incorporating the Montag delivery system into the Hagie platform to create an all-new way to apply cover crop seed.  One customer says “It is not hard to cover 500 acres in one day, and it performs very well.”  Hagie’s 120’ Hybrid boom has 49 drops to apply cover crop seed or fertilizer between rows.  Booms place the seed or fertilizer under the canopy for more accurate distribution which keeps the product from landing on crop leaves.  Montag’s precision accurate metering also features a large rate range for applying the seed, and row-to-row accuracy is unmatched in the industry.  A partnership between Montag and John Deere has resulted in another option for applying cover crop seed with Deere’s 2660VT tillage tool.



Underground Agriculture


Underground Agriculture manufactures tools for regenerative agriculture, focusing on soil health, cover crops and weed control. Our ever broadening effort is to supply farmers with tools that increase their revenue while mitigating agriculture's environmental impact. We work to encourage both economical & ecological equilibrium, to ensure fertile land for our future generations, without jeopardizing income.





Established in Australia, Nufarm is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of crop protection in the world. With more than 100 years of heritage, we’re proud to support this season and many more to come with effective weed control solutions that give your crops a stronger start. Nufarm is committed to bringing choice to ag suppliers and the growers they serve from three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located right here in the USA – producing quality solutions you’ve relied on for years such as WeedMaster® to innovations that add advantage like Panther® brand herbicides and more.