Longtime No-Tiller Experiments with Flown-on Cover Crops

Oats and radishes provide excellent results as no-tiller Randy DeSutter experiments with covers on 120 acres post-harvest corn and soybeans.

Pictured Above: NO-TILL SUCCESS. Randy DeSutter uses his John Deere 1790 16/32 split-row planter for 15-inch row soybeans. He knows the 15-inch rows help not only to leave a tighter canopy for weed suppression, but also protect against erosion, which is imperative for his hilly acres

Having no-tilled for over 25 years, Illinois grower Randy DeSutter knows the benefits of nutrient replenishment, decreased soil erosion and lower machinery costs associated with his farming practices. He…

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Mark mcneely1

Mark McNeely

Mark McNeely is the former managing editor of No-Till Farmer and Conservation Tillage Guide magazines. His previous experience includes 25 years in industrial engine journalism and marketing. Mark holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Wisconsin.

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