Greenleaf's Asymmetrical DualFan nozzles spray the target 2 to 4 times in one pass! In standard orientation, the 10° forward spray covers the front side of the target and the 50° rearward spray covers the back side. If every other nozzle is mounted “backwards” on the boom, the result is four distinct spray patterns hitting the target. By spraying forward, backwards and down, DualFan nozzles achieve a unique balance of coverage, penetration and drift control not previously possible with any other nozzle.

The TurboDrop DualFan (TADF) has been a proven success for over 10 years. The new Blended Pulse DualFan (BPDF) uses the same asymmetric design principles with a new nozzle that is compatible with Pulse-Width Modulation systems, bringing the coverage and drift control of the DualFan to PWM spraying. 

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