The sprayer race is won with Mixmate. It's not how fast you drive, it's how long you stop. Field efficiency is critical when it is time to get the spraying done. Effective spray applications require timeliness and accuracy of the mixture. Mixmate is fast and accurate to help you do a better job. Sprayer efficiency goes up and operating costs are lowered and the best of all, the job is easier and your recordkeeping is done automatically. Mixmate is designed to be used on a spray tender trailer or in a stationary batch mixer to mix hot loads. Connect as many bulk products as you need from large quantity fertilizers to minibulks. The Mixmate Fusion and Pro inductors handle dry and package products quickly and cleanly. Only Mixmate has high accuracy measurements combined with the necessary speed for bulk, dry, and packaged jug products. Mixmate eliminates the pain of mixing.

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